Why You Can Start Making Games with a 2D Title First

If you are into making video games, you think like me. I searched for many career opportunities when I found this route. Trust me; I don’t want to move out or go back.

The game makers are the people who are hungry for creativity and logical thinking. I know we can make any game a great title with all this creative force. But have you given it a thought to the type of game you’ll make? This is where the battle between 3D and 2D games begins!!!

3D vs 2D Games: What We Are Looking at?

To be honest, if you are looking for video games, you’ll mostly get them in 3D. You look at first-person shooters such as Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, open-world games like GTA, or third-person shooters such as The Last of Us, and then you’ll wonder: “Is there any other kinds of video games out there?” Well, if you are an 80s or 90s kid like me, then you will defy this mode of advertising video games and tell today’s gamers a story. 

Well, in this post, we don’t want to go over the story of how games came into action. But, I might want to guide your attention to something that you can like. 

Although online battle royale games such as Call of Duty Warzone are now available on mobile platforms, you should notice that tons of Indie games are made and released alongside those bigger titles. 

Consider games like The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow for the desktop and Nintendo Switch; Huntdown, an amazing sci-fi cyberpunk themed ‘Run and Gun Platformer’ for Nintendo Switch now ported to Android and other devices; My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge, another breathtaking sci-fi game with Neo-noir film style action that you are going to feel almost like John WickDoorkickers: Action Squad or Doorkickers II, a strategy Run and Gun game Adventure Reborn or Dungeons of Dreadrock, which are both great examples of platformer story-based or narrative-driven games and many more. 

Think of visually stunning games such as Hollow Knight and Dead Cells etc. These are all new games launched alongside the 3D ones. Check the Internet. You’ll get a ton of content for them and many people working for them too. 

  The Importance of Play: Designing Safe and Engaging Playgrounds

What Kind of 2D Game Development Are We Looking at?

2D games are easy to make. But they need to be fun and interesting considering the gameplay and, in my opinion, the content. Gamers play games because they want their brains engaged. When you serve that purpose, you have no reason to worry about the game you are making. Popular types of 2D games are:

  • Pixel Art Games
  • Platformer Games  
  • Top-Down Games 
  • Adventure Games 
  • Action Games 
  • Run and Gun Games 
  • Shooters 
  • Story-based adventure games
  • Survival Games 
  • Zombie Games 
  • Apocalyptic Survival Games 
  • Digital Board Games 

The thing to know: 2D games are often called Indie games. Although not all Indie games have to be 2D games, almost all 2D games are considered as Indie Games. Some small and simple 3D games can sometimes fall into this category. But that’s rare.

Costs to Make a 2D Game

Whether for the desktop, consoles, handhelds, or mobile platforms, making a 2D game is easy and effective for a game designer. I am saying this particularly not for the budget segment but for the learning curve. If you start making a game at this level, you might make a larger and more feature-heavy game with a strong foundation of concept.

For the budget part, some money is required in the beginning. You need to purchase the following:

  • A graphic design software for game art 
  • A Game engine 
  • A domain for the game’s website
  • Stocks might cost you some money

If you want to get quick cash for your game development project with poor savings or bad credit, then you may contact a direct lender. Choose a payday loan with no credit check. It is a short-term loan. Repay using the money on your next payday (hence the name). Want more perks? Extend the loan term to a few months or a year.

Why Should I Make a 2D Game as My First Title?

Below are the ways designing 2D games is going to be better for your career, both academically and financially. Read them now:

  • Of course, 2D games need physics. But it is not as complex as the 3D titles. The movements and the action of the characters are all commands based. Thus, coding a 2D game is easier and less complex than a 3D game. 
  • 3D games use a camera to follow the game Avatar. 2D games use something easily called artificial parallax. It is a less-expensive tool to use. 
  • Speaking of tools, 2D games do not need very high-end software or digital media t
  • o be made. Some basic 2D games can even be made for free. 
  • Designing a 2D game is easy. It does not require much detailing like the 3D games. You may add way less effort to the level design. The movement of the character is linear in a 2D title. Hence, you can get freedom in designing the levels. A few designers I know told me they found a 2D game to help them better organize these levels. 
  • Last but not least, the 2D game is way cheaper to make. It doesn’t mean you don’t need a budget for it. But, compared to making one; solid level of the 3D game, 2D game design is quite affordable and interesting. 
  The Importance of Play: Designing Safe and Engaging Playgrounds

I missed telling you something. It is a contradictory fact that 2D games cannot be narrative-driven. As a matter of fact, they actually can tell great stories. The titles I have already mentioned are great at this. If you want to find out yourselves, just research the games and more. You’ll find the truth behind this statement. 

To Conclude

To design and develop a game, anyone would require a fund. Even if you are lucky to get the software and the media free, you need a laptop or a strong PC to design your video games. In that regard, you may take the help of 1OneFinance.

It is a direct lender organization that lends money to borrowers from all walks of life. They have helped many entrepreneurs in the game design and development sector. Many Indie game designers like me took a loan within a day of it because we had urgent projects waiting. Think about your game design and take out money if needed. After all, you are about to make a game that will steal the show. 

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