10 Unique Instagram Post Ideas for a Really Cool Feed

Instagram? Oh, we all love it! But sometimes, it’s kinda tough to think of what to post, right? If you’ve ever thought, “Hmm, what should I post today?” then this article’s for you! Let’s dive into 10 fun and easy Instagram post ideas to make your feed pop and get those likes coming in.

1. Peek Behind the Curtain (Behind-The-Scenes Shots)

What’s this? It’s like giving your friends a little sneak peek into what goes on when the camera’s not rolling.

Why’s it good? People just love real moments. It’s like sharing secrets, but not the bad kind! Plus, they get to know the real you or what goes on behind a product they love.

Quick tip: If you sell stuff, maybe show how it’s made. Or if it’s just you, share silly moments or your morning routine. Real is always better!

2. Share the Love (User-Generated Content)

What’s this? It’s when you share photos or posts from your followers on your own feed.

Why’s it good? It’s like giving your followers a little shoutout. They’ll love it and feel special.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to ask them first if you can share it! And always say thanks or tag them.

3. Two is Better Than One (Collaborations and Takeovers)

What’s this? Team up with a friend or another Instagrammer. You can make posts together or even let them post on your account for a day.

Why’s it good? New faces bring fresh vibes! And their followers might start following you too.

Quick tip: Work with folks who have the same kind of followers as you. And always plan ahead so things go smooth.

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4. Teach Me Something (Tutorials and How-Tos)

What’s this? Share a cool trick or how to do something you’re good at.

Why’s it good? Everyone likes to learn new stuff. Especially if it’s easy and fun.

Quick tip: Use slides or short videos. And don’t make it too long or hard. Keep it simple and sweet.

5. Blast from the Past (Throwback Posts)

What’s this? Old photos or memories you wanna share again.

Why’s it good? Makes everyone remember good times and see how things have changed.

Quick tip: Ever heard of instagram #ThrowbackThursday? It’s a cool hashtag for old pics. Give it a try!

6. What Do You Think? (Polls and Questions)

What’s this? Ask your followers something fun or their opinion using Instagram’s tools.

Why’s it good? It gets everyone talking and engaging with your posts.

Quick tip: Keep it light and fun. Everyone likes a fun little chat.

7. Say it Loud (Quotes and Motivational Posts)

What’s this? Share a favorite quote or a good thought you had.

Why’s it good? Makes people think, feel good, and they might even share it with others.

Quick tip: Make it look nice with a cool background or use Instagram’s tools to jazz it up.

8. Story Time (Personal Stories)

What’s this? Share something funny, sad, or interesting on instagram that happened to you.

Why’s it good? Stories make everyone feel close, like you’re all sitting around a campfire.

Quick tip: Don’t make it too long, and always be real. People can tell when you’re faking.

9. Look at This! (Product Spotlights)

What’s this? Show off a product you sell or really like.

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Why’s it good? It helps folks discover new things they might want.

Quick tip: Don’t be too pushy. Just show it, tell why you like it, and let people decide.

10. Same Time Next Week? (Theme Days)

What’s this? Post the same type of content on specific days.

Why’s it good? Everyone knows what’s coming, and it’s fun to have a routine.

Quick tip: Try it for a while to see if your followers like it. If not, it’s okay to change things up.


1. How many times should I post on Instagram?

You know, it’s not about a lot, but about good stuff. Post when you feel like it, but make it nice for your followers.

2. My photos aren’t that great. Can I still post?

Of course! Just use your phone and maybe a cool app to make it look better. It’s the moment that counts, not the pixels.

3. Do all my posts have to match and look the same?

Some folks like that, but it’s up to you. Just be you, and your feed will look great.

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